Saturday, March 11, 2017

WRITING + PHOTOGRAPHY | just another dream

just another dream

golden hour of work nights and traffic lights
honking horns and pink martini skies
who notices the golden gate or city sights
here the dream is not in front but behind our eyes

a dream of the red stars along the street
constellations  gaze at the sky scape  view 
at the spotlight hidden souls beneath their feet 
and know they're all just dreamers of dreams not come true

days and nights in a soft pastel glow
takeout food and undefinable mood
what it all means, I'm sure I don't know
maybe someday soon a dream will come true

everything 's rolling by but I stand still
nostalgia for something untouched, it holds me back
maybe it's fear and it's held me forever
maybe it's doubt and it always will

piano keys, a low whistled tune
a new dream, and new dream and it's of you
like dominos we tumble to the rhythm 
of another dream that can't come true

my voice unfiltered, red seats unfilled
burning as the petals of a neon rose
like a daze but too vivid, the romance killed
the script complete, the curtain closed

slumped silhouette on the smokey stage 
playing our theme in purple and blue
minor chords, then bittersweet resolve
music to a dream that won't come true

golden hour of work nights and stage lights 
I’m someone special now, don't ask me who 
stuck in the traffic of my own tired mind 
thinking maybe life’s a dream that wont come true.

maybe this is all 

just another dream

that won't come true.

un abbraccio,
kathryn 💋

p. s. I was inspired to write this poem/song after watching la la land<3
p. p .s. drop me any and all comments below if you feel like it!! 

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